Monica Sheppard, RPA: You will most definitely encounter her. She is a very skilled, compassionate, trustworthy healthcare provider, the best physician assistant I have seen. She is an excellent source of information and education – she knows a ton of orthopaedics.  She was educated at the prestigous PA training program at SUNY Stony Brook, one of the leading programs in the country. I must admit that many of my patients enjoy seeing her more than me. She participates in all aspects of the practice including procedures such as injections and wound care. Monica works at all the practice sites.

Amanda Samsoondarrh, MBA: Amanda has been working for me since 2008. There are few who really understand the intricacies of the practice more than Amanda. While she has been working for me, she got herself educated – she has an MBA in healthcare administration. She is overseeing all aspects of the practice. Most importantly, she is the surgical coordinator – a pivotal role in an expansive surgical practice. If you have surgery in this practice, Amanda will become a close friend of yours. Amanda is located on Long Island. But, she involved in all aspects of the practice regardless of location.

Martha Santamaria: Maria, our medical assistant, works in the Long Island office. She handles most of the aurthorizations for the Long Island practice. She does all the surgical authorizations as well. She manages patient movement in the Long Island office. She also speaks fluent Spanish.  She has been working in the practice for about 2 years and we are all happy she has joined us.

Jennie Rodriguez: Jennie is our senior medical secretary at the NYC office, CMC. She is involved in all aspects of the NYC practice: appointment scheduling, paperwork, and authorizations. If I see you in NYC, you will definitely become acquainted with Jennie.

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